WOOD : Beauty of eye | 木 : 瞐mò靈


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“One eye sees, the other feels.” -Paul Klee

H120 W90 D3cm

UNFRAMED original abstract painting by artist YF Chang
Mixed media on stretched canvas
Signature at the back and ready to hang

In this era of information explosion, think beyond what you can see.

WOOD: Beauty of eye is part of the Flourish (峰屾水起) collection. The collection is inspired by mountains, wind and natural phenomena with the concept of Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) which bring good feng shui and prosperity.

ABOUT YF Chang 郑逸峰
I am an emerging abstract artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I graduated from The One Academy (2002).

Born with colour vision deficiency, I see the world in different colours. I hope to show you my version of the world through my painting.

I have always been interested in experimenting with various art techniques. Most of my paintings feature mountains, wind and natural phenomena, inspired by my last name Feng(峰). I love to paint contemporary abstract art with strong textures and vibrant colours by using acrylic together with other different mixed media to complete my artwork.


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