Shoshin | 初心


“Art is a line around your thoughts.” -Gustav Klimt

H80 W80 D3cm

UNFRAMED original abstract painting by artist YF Chang
Mixed media on stretched canvas
Signature at the back and ready to hang

Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind”.

A droplet creates a never-ending ripple, every step you take will bring results. It backs to the beginner mind that you created. A positive mind creates positive energy.

ABOUT YF Chang 郑逸峰
I am an emerging abstract artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I graduated from The One Academy (2002).

Born with colour vision deficiency, I see the world in different colours. I hope to show you my version of the world through my painting.

I have always been interested to experiment with various art techniques. Most of my paintings feature mountains, wind and natural phenomena, inspired by my last name Feng(). I love to paint contemporary abstract art with strong textures and vibrant colours by using acrylic together with other different mixed media to complete my artwork.


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