Customised Wooden Cover Notebook


🎁笔记本 A5 大小, 50 页空白页
🎁木质封面厚度:大约 2mm +/-
🎁前封面图片刻制 (A5)

A notebook with a Hands Percussion Malaysia design engraved on the front wooden cover.

🎁A5 Size Notebook
🎁50 White Empty Pages
🎁Light & Convenient to Bring Out
🎁Very Personal Item (Personalise Design)
🎁Wooden Cover width: 2mm +/-
🎁One Side Engraving (Front A5)
🎁Office Use, Meeting Use, School Use, 2023 Planner
🎁Writing Journal Notepad Planner Memo Office/School/Student
🎁Simply Drawing, Free Hand Sketching, Graffiti, Notes taking, Diary, Weekly Record, DIY Handbook

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